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Engagement: Is a beautiful finite space of time that has so much infectious hope and joy.



San Diego is home to some of  the most beautiful weather and scenery. What an amazing place for engagements. I love getting to know my couples, their stories, their relationship that is so unique to them. Engagement sessions, take about 45 minutes for a single location and and an hour and 40 minutes for 2 locations. By the end of a session, my couples become experts at candid posing; a term I just made up! Laughing and leaning into eachother, the magic is hidden inside them, all I have to do is line up and capture! I try to make sure that each couple is given the best photography, the best experience, at an affordable price. Again, as with all my photography, I aim to be journalistic, but still very romantic and dream-like. Please call and let's schedule your session.



-International Engagement Photography // San Diego Wedding Photography // Affordable Engagement Photography 

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